Aidan Kearney Arrested: What Did Turtleboy Do?

In a shocking turn of events, Aidan Kearney, the controversial figure behind the “Turtleboy” blog, has been arrested on multiple charges. Known for his divisive and aggressive writing style, Kearney’s blog has stirred up controversy and gained a significant following. But what led to his arrest? Join us as we delve into the details of the Aidan Kearney Arrested news and uncover the reasons behind this dramatic development.

Reasons for Aidan Kearney’s Arrest

Desire for Profit from Rude and Insensitive Content

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Aidan Kearney was arrested due to his desire to profit from the rewards for rudeness and insensitivity. Despite remaining anonymous, it appears that his pursuit of financial gain led him to engage in behavior that crossed legal boundaries. Kearney is the registered and sole proprietor of Turtleboy Digital Marketing, a domestic limited partnership that operates as a blogging website with the intention of generating revenue through the sale of ad space and merchandise.

However, Kearney’s actions and content on the blog have been deemed as rude and insensitive. The blog has been known to label some Worcester parents and their children as barbarians, which has caused controversy and backlash. This desire for profit from controversial content ultimately led to Kearney’s arrest.

Ownership of Turtleboy Digital Marketing

Despite Kearney’s attempts to distance himself from the blog, legally and morally, Turtleboy Digital Marketing is his property. The blog is registered to his Worcester business address, making him the rightful owner. Kearney may claim that Turtleboy is a group of distinct bloggers, but the legal ownership remains with him.

It is important to note that Kearney’s ownership of the blog has implications for his legal responsibility for the content published on it. Regardless of any attempts to separate himself from the blog, Kearney is accountable for the material posted on Turtleboy Digital Marketing.

Claiming Turtleboy as a Group of Bloggers

Aidan Kearney has continued to assert that Turtleboy is not solely his creation but rather a collective effort by multiple bloggers. However, the legal and moral ownership of the blog rests with Kearney as the registered proprietor. While he may argue that Turtleboy is a collaboration, the responsibility for the content and any legal consequences ultimately falls on Kearney as the registered owner.

It is worth noting that Kearney’s claim of Turtleboy being a group of bloggers may be an attempt to distance himself from the controversial content and potential legal repercussions. However, the legal framework recognizes Kearney as the sole proprietor, making him accountable for the blog’s content and any associated legal issues.

Charges Against Aidan Kearney

Conspiracy Offense

Aidan Kearney, the registered and sole proprietor of Turtleboy Digital Marketing, has been arrested on several counts, including at least one conspiracy offense. The exact details of the conspiracy offense have not been disclosed at this time. However, it is likely that Kearney is being charged with participating in a criminal conspiracy, which involves an agreement between two or more individuals to commit an illegal act.

Conspiracy offenses can range from drug trafficking to white-collar crimes, depending on the nature of the agreement and the underlying criminal activity. The prosecution will need to prove that Kearney knowingly and willingly entered into the conspiracy and took some action in furtherance of the illegal plan.

As the investigation unfolds and more information becomes available, the specific details of the conspiracy offense will be revealed during the legal proceedings.

Intimidation of Witnesses, Jury, Police Officer, or Court Employee

In addition to the conspiracy offense, Aidan Kearney is facing six charges of intimidating a witness, a jury, a police officer, or a court employee. Intimidation of these individuals is a serious offense that undermines the integrity of the legal system and obstructs justice.

Intimidation can take various forms, including threats, harassment, or any other actions that are intended to influence or deter these individuals from performing their duties or providing truthful testimony. The charges indicate that Kearney allegedly engaged in behavior that was meant to intimidate and create fear among these key participants in the legal process.

It is important to note that these charges are allegations at this stage, and Kearney is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The prosecution will need to present evidence to support these charges and convince the court of Kearney’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

As the case progresses, more information about the specific incidents of intimidation and the impact they had on the legal proceedings will likely be revealed. The court will carefully consider the evidence presented and make a determination based on the facts and the law.

Details of Aidan Kearney’s Arrest

Aidan Kearney, the registered and sole proprietor of Turtleboy Digital Marketing, was arrested on several counts. He is currently being held by Massachusetts State Police, according to the court clerk. The specific charges against Kearney have not been immediately disclosed, as the paperwork is typically made available following an arraignment.

One of the charges Kearney is facing is at least one conspiracy offense, along with six charges of intimidating a witness, a jury, a police officer, or a court employee, as per the records from Stoughton District Court. The exact details and circumstances surrounding these charges are yet to be revealed.

Current Detention by Massachusetts State Police

As of now, Aidan Kearney remains in custody under the custody of the Massachusetts State Police. The reasons for his detention have not been explicitly stated, but it is likely related to the charges he is facing. The authorities will continue to investigate the case and gather evidence to support the charges against Kearney.

During his detention, Kearney will be subject to the legal procedures and protocols followed by the Massachusetts State Police. This includes ensuring his rights are protected, providing him with necessary legal representation, and conducting any necessary interviews or interrogations to gather information related to the case.

Lack of Immediate Information on Charges

At this stage, there is a lack of immediate information regarding the specific charges against Aidan Kearney. This is not uncommon, as the details of the charges are typically made available following an arraignment. The arraignment is a formal court proceeding where the charges are formally presented to the accused, and they have the opportunity to enter a plea.

Once the arraignment takes place, the charges against Kearney will be made public, and more information about the alleged offenses will be disclosed. It is important to note that the lack of immediate information does not indicate the severity or significance of the charges. It is simply a procedural step in the legal process.

As the case progresses and more information becomes available, the public will have a clearer understanding of the specific charges Aidan Kearney is facing and the evidence supporting those charges. The legal system will ensure that Kearney’s rights are protected throughout the process, and a fair and impartial trial will take place to determine his guilt or innocence.

Connection to Karen Read’s Murder Case

The arrest of Aidan Kearney is closely linked to the murder case involving Karen Read, who is accused of running over Boston police officer John O’Keefe on January 29, 2022, after a night of drinking. Kearney has written extensively on his blog about this case, making several controversial claims.

Accusations of State Police Cover-up

Kearney has published numerous pieces on his blog, totaling 179, alleging that the state police involved in investigating O’Keefe’s killing have engaged in a cover-up. These claims have been vehemently disputed by the prosecution.

Despite the prosecution’s denial, Kearney has been vocal in his belief that there has been a deliberate attempt to conceal certain aspects of the investigation. He has attended court hearings related to the case and has actively participated in outside rallies in support of Karen Read.

Disputes from the Prosecution

Michael Morrissey, the Norfolk district attorney who is prosecuting the Karen Read case, has expressed concern about the spread of fabricated stories and the intimidation of key witnesses. In an unprecedented move, Morrissey made a video statement denouncing these actions.

Morrissey emphasized the importance of conducting trials in the courtroom rather than on the internet, highlighting the lack of rules and accountability online. He also raised concerns about the potential impact of false information and the need to protect witnesses from intimidation.

In light of these concerns, the prosecution requested the judge presiding over Karen Read’s case to limit the statements made by her defense team. However, the judge declined this request, allowing for a more open and public discourse surrounding the case.

Aidan Kearney’s Involvement in Other Causes

Aidan Kearney, the controversial blogger behind Turtleboy Digital Marketing, has been known for his involvement in various causes and his outspoken nature. One of the targets of his criticism has been Rachael Rollins, the former U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts and Suffolk District Attorney. Kearney has frequently written about Rollins on his blog, often using his trademark caustic style to express his disapproval of her actions and policies.

In addition to Rollins, Kearney has also directed his attention towards Monica Cannon-Grant, a longtime community activist. He has written extensively about her, often criticizing her and her work. Kearney’s blog posts regarding these individuals have generated significant attention and controversy, with many people both supporting and opposing his viewpoints.

Criticism of Rachael Rollins and Monica Cannon-Grant

Kearney’s criticism of Rachael Rollins stems from his disagreement with her approach to criminal justice. He has accused her of being lenient on crime and failing to adequately prosecute offenders. Kearney has also taken issue with Rollins’ stance on certain policies, such as her support for bail reform and her approach to drug offenses.

Similarly, Kearney has been vocal in his criticism of Monica Cannon-Grant. He has questioned her credibility as a community activist and has accused her of promoting divisiveness and inciting violence. Kearney’s blog posts about Cannon-Grant have often sparked heated debates and discussions among his readers and the wider community.

Gathering Information on Alleged Wrongdoings

In addition to his involvement in criticizing public figures, Kearney has also been known to gather information on alleged wrongdoings, often through social media platforms. He has used his blog as a platform to expose individuals whom he believes have engaged in unethical or illegal behavior.

Kearney’s approach to gathering information has been controversial, with some praising his efforts to hold people accountable and shed light on potential wrongdoing, while others criticize him for engaging in online vigilantism and potentially spreading false information.

Overall, Aidan Kearney’s involvement in other causes and his approach to blogging have made him a polarizing figure. While some appreciate his outspokenness and efforts to expose alleged wrongdoing, others view him as a divisive and controversial figure. Regardless of one’s opinion, Kearney’s impact on the online community and his ability to generate attention and controversy cannot be denied.

Background and Political Involvement

Aidan Kearney, the proprietor of Turtleboy Digital Marketing, has been involved in various political activities and has made a name for himself through his controversial blog, Turtleboy. In 2021, Kearney ran an unsuccessful election campaign for the Wachusett Regional School Committee. During his campaign, he advocated for issues such as education based on race and repealing mask regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unsuccessful Election Campaign for Wachusett Regional School Committee

Despite his efforts, Kearney was not successful in his bid for a seat on the Wachusett Regional School Committee. His campaign platform, which included controversial stances on education and COVID-19 regulations, did not resonate with the voters. However, this did not deter Kearney from continuing to voice his opinions and engage in political discourse through his blog.

Stances on Education, Race, and COVID-19 Regulations

Kearney’s stances on education, race, and COVID-19 regulations have been a subject of controversy and debate. He has expressed views that challenge the mainstream narrative and has been vocal about his opposition to certain policies and regulations. Kearney believes in educating based on race, which has drawn criticism from those who argue for equal opportunities and inclusivity in education.

In addition, Kearney has been a vocal critic of COVID-19 regulations, particularly mask mandates. He has called for the repeal of these regulations, arguing that they infringe upon personal freedoms and are not effective in preventing the spread of the virus. These views have garnered both support and backlash, with some applauding Kearney for his outspokenness and others condemning him for spreading misinformation.

It is important to note that Kearney’s blog, Turtleboy, has been a platform for him to express his opinions and engage in political discourse. While his views may be controversial and divisive, they reflect his personal beliefs and convictions. Kearney sees himself as a defender of free speech and democracy, often challenging what he perceives as censorship and political correctness.

Response from Norfolk District Attorney

The Norfolk District Attorney, Michael Morrissey, has issued a response regarding the arrest of Aidan Kearney and the allegations surrounding his blog, Turtleboy Digital Marketing. Morrissey denounces the spread of fabricated stories and the intimidation of key witnesses, emphasizing the importance of conducting trials in the court rather than on the internet.

Denouncement of Fabricated Stories and Witness Intimidation

According to Morrissey, there have been 179 pieces published by Kearney on his blog, accusing the state police of covering up the investigation into the killing of Boston police officer John O’Keefe. The prosecution has vehemently denied these claims, stating that they are fabrications. Morrissey expresses concern over the dissemination of false information and the potential impact it can have on the integrity of the legal process.

Importance of Court Proceedings over Internet Trials

Morrissey emphasizes that trials should take place in the courtroom, where evidence can be presented, witnesses can be cross-examined, and the rules of the legal system can be upheld. He highlights the fact that the internet lacks the necessary safeguards and regulations that are in place within the court system. Perjury, for example, is not penalized on the internet, and not all information is available online. Morrissey’s statement underscores the need for due process and the proper administration of justice.

Limitations on Defense Team Statements

In relation to the case involving Karen Read, who is accused of running over Officer O’Keefe, Kearney’s defense team has made statements that the prosecution sought to limit. However, the judge presiding over the case declined to impose such limitations. This highlights the delicate balance between protecting the rights of the defense to present their case and ensuring that the proceedings are conducted fairly and without undue influence.


Aidan Kearney, the owner of Turtleboy Digital Marketing, has been arrested on multiple charges, including conspiracy and witness intimidation. Despite claiming that Turtleboy is run by multiple bloggers, Kearney is the registered proprietor of the controversial blog. The charges against Kearney are related to his writings about a murder case and allegations of a cover-up by the state police. Kearney has a history of promoting divisive causes and gathering information on individuals through social media. The Norfolk district attorney has spoken out against the spread of fabricated stories and intimidation of witnesses online. The case against Kearney highlights the need for responsible online behavior and the importance of due process in the court of law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Aidan Kearney arrested?

Aidan Kearney was arrested on several counts, including at least one conspiracy offense and six charges of intimidating a witness, a jury, a police officer, or a court employee. The specific details of the charges have not been made immediately available.

What is Turtleboy Digital Marketing?

Turtleboy Digital Marketing is a domestic limited partnership characterized as a “blogging website that will raise revenue through selling AD space and possibly merchandise.” Aidan Kearney is the registered and sole proprietor of this business.

Is Aidan Kearney the sole blogger on Turtleboy?

Aidan Kearney claims that Turtleboy is a number of distinct bloggers. However, legally and morally, the blog is considered Mr. Kearney’s property as it is registered to his Worcester business address.

What other topics has Aidan Kearney written about on his blog?

Aidan Kearney has written frequently on his blog about various topics, including the murder case involving Karen Read, former U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts and Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins, longtime community activist Monica Cannon-Grant, and others.

What is the current status of Aidan Kearney’s arrest?

Aidan Kearney is currently being held by Massachusetts State Police, according to the court clerk. More information regarding the charges is expected to be made available following an arraignment.

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