Kathy Depuy Obituary, Napanoch Fire Department Mourns The Demise Of The Wife Of A Life Member And Former Commissioner Floyd Depuy. – Death

Kathy Depuy Obituary, Death – Napanoch Fire Department members are in mourning over the passing of Kathy Depuy, a cherished member of the community and the loving wife of retired Chief and Commissioner Floyd Depuy. Kathy’s death is the end of an era, and her absence will be felt not only by the Depuys and their extended Napanoch family and friends, but by the entire town.

Kathy Depuy was more than just a spouse; she was a rock of stability, an unshakable source of support, and a shining example of kindness. She showed her support for the Napanoch Fire Department not just through her husband’s official duties, but also through her own acts of kindness, friendship, and community service.

The Napanoch Fire Department sends its deepest condolences to Kathy’s family, which includes both the Depuys and the Christianas. Her impact extends far beyond the bounds of her own family, into the very fabric of the community she so gracefully and generously helped to build. The Napanoch Fire Department will always remember Kathy, who was a strong and caring person who will be remembered for the comfort and support she gave to everyone around her.

As the Napanoch community grapples with this loss, the spirit of unity that Kathy exemplified will serve as a source of strength for the days ahead. May Kathy Depuy rest in peace, her life’s work honored, and her legacy of helping others and serving her community treasured by those who knew and loved her. We will never forget Kathy Depuy. #NapanochStrong

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