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Discover the untold story of cricket legend Bishan Singh Bedi’s personal life, including his wife and children, as we delve into the legacy left behind by this iconic figure.

Bishan Singh Bedi’s Family: Wife and Children

Bishan Singh Bedi, the legendary cricketer, was not only known for his exceptional skills on the field but also for his loving family. Let’s take a closer look at his wife and children who have been an integral part of his life.

Bishan Singh Bedi’s Wife: Anju Inderjit Bedi

Anju Inderjit Bedi, the wife of Bishan Singh Bedi, is a remarkable individual in her own right. She has carved out her identity as a distinguished journalist, author, and philanthropist. Born to Inderjit Singh, a former Indian diplomat, Anju’s journey into the world of literature is truly inspiring.

Their love story began in Tokyo, where Anju’s father was serving as an ambassador. Their bond grew stronger over time, leading to a joyous Sikh ceremony in Delhi in 1976. Anju’s literary prowess shines through her seminal works, including “The Changing Face of Japan” and “The Japanese Mind,” which have been published in renowned publications such as The Times of India and Indian Express.

Besides her literary achievements, Anju has been a pillar of support for Bishan throughout his cricketing triumphs and health challenges. She is also an advocate for social causes, actively supporting organ donation and mental health awareness. Anju’s resilience, love, and philanthropy make her an embodiment of grace and compassion.

Bishan Singh Bedi’s Children: Son Angad Bedi

Bishan Singh Bedi and Anju Inderjit Bedi are proud parents to three successful children: daughters Neha and Piya, and son Angad. Among them, Angad stands out as a prominent figure in the family.

Angad has made a name for himself in the Bollywood film industry, starring in popular movies like “Pink,” “Tiger Zinda Hai,” “Soorma,” “Zoya Factor,” and “Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl.” His talent extends to the digital realm as well, captivating audiences with web series like “Inside Edge,” “Judgment: State vs. Nanavati,” and “Mum Bhai.”

Initially, Angad followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued cricket, representing Delhi in the under-16 and under-19 categories. He even led the under-19 team to victory in the national championship in 1999-2000. However, due to persistent injuries and limited abilities, he had to transition to modeling and acting.

In 2004, Angad made his acting debut in “Kaya Taran.” Apart from his professional achievements, his personal life is marked by his marriage to actress Neha Dhupia in 2018. The couple welcomed their daughter, Mehr Dhupia Bedi, in November 2018, and they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their second child soon.

Discover the personal life of cricket legend Bishan Singh Bedi, including his wife Anju Inderjit Bedi and their children. Anju, a prominent journalist, author, and philanthropist, has been a pillar of support for Bishan throughout his cricketing career and health challenges. Their son Angad Bedi has made a name for himself in Bollywood, starring in popular films and web series. Despite initially pursuing cricket, Angad transitioned to modeling and acting due to injuries. He is married to actress Neha Dhupia, and they have a daughter named Mehr Dhupia Bedi. Explore the fascinating world beyond the cricket field and celebrate the legacy of Bishan Singh Bedi. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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